Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 6: Player Perspective: "LD" (Lauren)

Today was our last day at Rising Star and the first day back for all of the Peery School students. Before
our soccer match against the West Coast girls, the school had an assembly out in the courtyard. Each grade had a selected student called the “Leader” who saluted to the faculty and staff at the beginning of the assembly. Here, all the students stood in single file lines while singing and giving prayers. The school gave words of encouragement and advised the students to strive for success and to never give up, which they displayed through reading passages and performing skits. I have never seen this before in any school assemblies I have attended and thought it was a great way to reach out and motivate students.

During the assembly, we presented each of our pen pals their awards on front all of their friends and classmates. A few of the RSO girls even built up the confidence to speak in front of the school to describe their experiences from the week. Overall, the girls and the entire staff expressed their sincere gratitude towards the time and effort spent with the girls. They enjoyed it so much, they even asked us to come back next year with a Goals for Boys!

After our soccer match, we invited all of the girls attending the school to come and scrimmage against each other. Immediately, all of them jumped up when asked and were excited to finally get the opportunity to play after having watched their classmates (our pen pals) play. The other RSO girls ran up to my team and continuously yelled, “Teach me! Teach me!” It made me happy to know that they wanted to learn to play just like their friends, who in their eyes were girls that they now looked up to.

Reflecting back on my week at Rising Star with the girls, I realize how important this experience was for them, but also for me. These girls made me feel empowered and admired, especially while playing soccer. I didn’t realize how much we could make a difference in these girls’ lives through just playing soccer. Over the course of this week, I’ve watched the girls not only improve in their soccer skills but also become more confident in themselves. They have proved to their classmates and themselves that they can be leaders on and off the soccer field. It amazes me how big of a difference we have made in these girls’ lives in such a short amount of time. They inspire me to continue reaching for my goals as they also strive for theirs.

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Anonymous said...

This was a really awesome post! I really enjoyed reading it! I think that it is really cool how you are teaching these girls how to play soccer! I hope when I get older I will be able to do the same thing! This Is very inspiring.