Monday, January 6, 2014

Parent/Chaperone Perspective: Amit

“I am absolutely blown away by our girls!”

My wife Jaymie, will attest to the fact that, every morning and evening conversation that I have had with her since we landed in India a week ago, has begun with this exclamation. I am absolutely blown away by these girls, and I am so proud of them. The grace, maturity, respect, enthusiasm, excitement, open mindedness, responsibility, compassion, friendship and toughness that they have shown, while operating well outside their comfort zones from the moment we landed in Chennai has been admirable. They are rock solid.

There have been no complaints whatsoever about anything – everything has been taken in stride. And they have not just “tolerated” stuff – they have totally embraced it. Today on our trip to Mysore Palace, the girls got a whiff (jokes aside!) of the fact that India has 1.1 billion people. It seemed half of them decided to come see this national treasure on this warm Sunday afternoon. Hot and crowed. Vendors pushing knick knacks in the girls’ faces. Personal space squeezed out into nothingness as we walked shoulder to shoulder through the palace along with thousands of people. Walking bare feet all through and all around the dusty walkways of the palace and the gardens. Public toilets, which even on a slow day would make anyone think twice about whether they really need to go.

No peep. No complaints. No nothing from our girls. Just happy faces, smiles, excitement, interesting questions, curiosity and thankfulness at the opportunity to be here.

This is what we have all seen every moment since arriving in the country. The comments from the leadership at Rising Star about how impressed they were with the maturity and responsibility demonstrated by these teenagers tell me that we have a very fine bunch of girls here. Several people pulled me aside yesterday during the Dream-a-Dream Day and told me how amazed they were at how our girls handled themselves.
Bring it on India! These girls are eating it all up!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. Do you like India? Is soccer more or less popular in India?

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