Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rising Star Participant Perspective: Tamililakkiya

I am so happy because I dont know how to play soccer....when I watch tv, I thought that the players are looking like I am. I love to be with the girls. Soccer is now my favorite game. I will teach other girls and boys in my school, and anywhere, now how to play soccer. I don't have a soccer goal in my home, but even then I will teach my relations the rules of soccer.

Before Goals for Girls came, I was so scared to meet them. I didn't know how to play, so I didn't like soccer. But now I know how to play soccer, so i love soccer. I was so excited to meet my penpal Paige. I was counting down the days for Paige to come. Now I have lots of American friends. Ian is my favorite guy....he is always playing with us. Amit too.

I want goalsetting to be a big part of my future. If we set a goal correctly, we can be in a good position to make our dreams happen. Self-confidence is very important in our life. When I play soccer, and kicking the ball, I am so much more confident. I have gained confidence when I kick a goal. When the girls were playing soccer and my team was sitting out, I would cheer so loud for them. When I am playing soccer, my friends also cheer for me. It makes me so happy. And, it makes me want to kick a goal! When someone is so lazy, but someone cheers for them....they will get self confidence and work harder!

Paige told me about her parents, and her friends. I told Paige about my future....i want to join the Indian police service.

I feel so much more confident after this trip. I feel like I can do anything. The girls shared with us that they have been playing soccer since they were very young girls.... Now I am 15, and now I have confidence to  become a better person. I will miss you guys very much, and i love you too!

With a very bigggggggg kiss,



Patti D said...

Thank you for sharing a slice of your day! So many of us look at the blog and immediately share the link without stopping to comment. Meanwhile we ooo and aaaaahh over every word. You are touching hearts there and melting hearts here. Keep up the great work, girls!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very good thing you guys are doing. It seems very special to them.